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To create the illusion of depth on a flat TV or Movie screen, both the 3D-ready TV screen and the 3D-ready glasses need to partner with each other to deliver a 3D image.

When the 3D-ready TV screen uses Passive (Film Patterned Retarder 'FPR') technology, the Passive 3D glasses decode the 3D image and present a unified picture with exciting depth.

LG, Vizio, Toshiba, and Panasonic offer 3D TVs with FPR technology. Those TV models are Passive TVs and use Passive 3D glasses that are lighter weight and less expensive than the Active glasses used in 2010.

To help you better understand which 3D TVs are Passive FPR TVs, below is a current list of the 3D Passive TVs being sold in the marketplace:

LG® Passive 'Cinema 3D®' TV
LED LM9600 Series:
55LM9600 (55"), 47LM9600 (47")
LED LM8600 Series:
55LM8600 (55"), 47LM8600 (47")
LED LM7600 Series:
55LM7600 (55"), 47LM7600 (47")
LED LM6700 Series:
55LM6700 (55"), 47LM6700 (47")
LED LM6200 Series:
65LM6200 (65"), 55LM6200 (55"), 47LM6200 (47"), 42LM6200 (42")
LED LM5800 Series:
55LM5800 (55"), 47LM5800 (47"), 42LM5800 (42")
LED LX9500 series models:
55LX9500 (55"), 47LX9500 (47")
LED LW6500 series models:
65LW6500 (65"), 55LW6500 (55"), 47LW6500 (47")
LED LW5600 series models:
55LW5600 (55"), 47LW5600 (47")
Vizio® Passive 'Theater 3D®' TVs
LCD Smart TV with Theater 3D® E3D470VX:
E3D470VX (47"), E3D420VX (42"), E3D320VX (32")
LCD XVT-SV Razor series models:
XVT-3D-650SV (65"), XVT-3D-556SV (55"), XVT-3D-476SV (47")
LED XVT-CM Razor series models:
XVT-3D-580CM (58"), XVT-3D-500CM (50")
LED XVT-SP series models:
XVT-3D-555SP (55"), XVT-3D-475SP (47"), XVT-3D-425SP (42")
LED XVT-KP series models:
XVT-3D-375KP (37"), XVT-3D-325KP (32"), XVT-3D-265KP (26")
LED M-SV Razor series models:
M3D-550SV (55"), M3D-470SV (47"), M3D-420SV (42")
LED M-SR Razor series models:
M3D-550SR (55"), M3D-460SR (46"), M3D-420SR (42")
LED E-VX series models:
E3D-470VX (47"), E3D-420VX (42"), E3D-320VX (32")
Toshiba® Passive 3D TVs
LED L7200 Series:
55L7200 (55"), 47L7200 (47")
LED L6200 Series:
55L6200 (55"), 47L6200 (47"), 42L6200 (42")
Panasonic® Passive 3D TVs
LED ET5 Series:
TC-L55ET5 (55"), TC-L47ET5 (47"), TC-L42ET5 (42")

Most Cinemas and Movie Theaters throughout North America, Europe, Australia & South America use passive 3D technology.

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