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3D Eyewear

We have always lived in a three dimensional world. Our depth perception comes from the visual information our right and left eyes send to our brain. When the brain fuses together the imagery from each eye, we see a stereoscopic image that produces spacial dimension between objects. This is similar to stereophonic music using two separate speakers to give a spacial effect to the sound.

To create the illusion of depth on a flat screen, 3D lenses use technology that interact with your right eye differently that your left eye. This visual fusing of right and left images allows for a spacial 3D effect to be seen in a dimension of depth.

To create a sense of depth where characters and objects appear to stretch out of the screen, you must use the appropriate 3D glasses. To select the best 3D glasses for your 3D-ready screen, you will need to choose between Passive 3D and Active 3D lenses. The following chart will assist you in selecting the appropriate 3D lens for the type of screen you are watching:


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