3D TV & Projector Compatibility Charts


To create the illusion of depth on a flat screen TV screen, both the 3D TV and the 3D glasses need to synchronize with each other to deliver the 3D image.

There are three ways in which Active Shutter 3D Glasses can sync with the 3D TV.

  1. Infrared Technology (IR) – The 3D Glasses communicate using a specific frequency of light that is invisible to the naked eye.
  2. Radio Frequency (RF) – The 3D Glasses communicate using a specific frequency of radio wave to synchronize with the TV.
  3. DLP® Link™ - The 3D glasses use flashes of white light between frames to send the 3D signal to the glasses, this is invisible to the naked eye.

When the 3D TV sends the signal to the glasses, the Active 3D Glasses translate the signal and synchronize with the 3D TV to show 3D images.

The Active Shutter technology uses electronically-driven liquid-crystal audio-shutter lenses that accept an IR signal transmitted from a emitter built into the TV. These active 3D glasses "blink" by alternating momentary blockage of right and left the lenses at least 60 times per second to create the 3D image.

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