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Spend Less for Premium 3D Glasses

Rechargeable 3D glasses compatible with Samsung ® 3D-ready TVs

You have a choice when buying quality 3D glasses for a 2010 Samsung® 3D-ready TV. If you want premium quality rechargeable 3D glasses, then you can choose between 3ACTIVE™ 3D glasses for $60 or 2010 Samsung® 3D glasses for $130. Spend less, save $70.

The Product Rating chart below compares the product quality features of both the 3ACTIVE™ brand and the 2010 Samsung® brand of 3D glasses. See more 3D movies & sports.

Compare 3D Active with Samsung

Not compatible with Samsung 3D-ready 2011 TV model series: D9000, D8000, D7000.

2010 Samsung® 3D-ready TV models:
LED 2010 C9000 series:
UN55C9000 (55"), UN46C9000 (46")
LED 2010 C8000 series:
UN65C8000 (65"), UN55C8000 (55"), UN46C8000 (46")
LED 2010 C7000 series:
UN55C7000 (55"), UN46C7000 (46"), UN40C7000 (40")
Plasma PNC8000 series:
PN63C8000 (63"), PN58C8000 (58"), PN50C8000 (50")
Plasma PNC7000 series:
PN63C7000 (63"), PN58C7000 (58"), PN50C7000 (50")
Plasma PNC490 series:
PN50C490 (50")
Rechargeable Power Comfortable Fit Blocks Peripheral Light Durable Construction Retail Price LCD Active Shutter 3D Glasses Rechargeable Non rechargeable battery Full Frame Temple Blocks Light Top Brow Blocks Light Flexible Temple Fit Frame Weight Quality Guarantee

3ACTIVE™ Consumer Reviews:

"Highly recommend this product as a substitute for the over-priced Samsung.  Works as beautifully and rechargeable!"
Frank K., Hawaii
"The price was excellent — so I was a bit worried about the quality.  The concern was unwarranted. We will be ordering more."
Carol G., Groveland, MA
"Thank you for making such a high quality product.  If I need to re-order, you will be the optics I choose."
Mark H., Billings, MT

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