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3VIEW™ Fit Over 'FlipUp' 3D Glasses

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Model: P1M01235
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Dimensional Optics Passive 3D Glasses
are compatible with the following circular polarized (Passive) 3D systems:

- LG® Cinema 3D TVs
- Visio® Theater 3D TVs
- RealD® Certified Movie Theaters
- Passive 3D Computer Monitors
- Not compatible with Dolby & IMAX Theaters - Passive 3D TV Compatibility List

Circular polarized flat triacetate lenses
Benefit: Lightweight 3D lens
Lightly tinted for indoor use

Scratch resistant coating
Benefit: Protects lenses from incidental contact

Premium nylon frame & arms
Benefit: Lightweight construction for comfort

Metal and Rubber 'Booties'
Benefit:Will not scratch Rx lenses. Clip allows lenses to flip up when not in use

Pouch included
Benefit: Protecting your 3D glasses

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