DLP Link 3D Glasses
DLP Link 3D Glasses Certified by Texas Instruments

3ACTIVE® 3D Glasses for DLP®-Link™

DLP®-Link™ 3D TV and 3D Projector owners can now purchase premium quality active shutter 3D glasses at an affordable price!

3ACTIVE® 3D Glasses are compatible with Mitsubishi® 3D DLP TV's and Full HD Compatible 3D DLP™ projectors. 3ACTIVE® 3D Glasses for DLP®-Link™ are rechargeable, lightweight 3D eyewear compatible with all generations of DLP®-Link™ 3D televisions. Available in single, twin, four, and six packs, outfit the entire family today!

Every pair of 3ACTIVE® DLP®-Link™ 3D glasses comes with a protective storage case, cleaning cloth, and USB charging cable, making it easy to charge and store your glasses. Our 3D glasses for DLP®-Link™ have built in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a 30 hour use time, and are designed to fit comfortably over your prescription glasses.

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  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: Full 2 hour charge lasts 30 hours of use
  • Liquid Crystal Highspeed (LCD) glass lenses: Light tint for indoor use
  • Scratch Resistant Lens Coating
  • Nylon Frame & Temples
  • Inside Frame Dimensions: 136mm or 5 3/8"
  • Accessories: Protective Zippered Case, Cleaning Cloth, USB Cable

Customer Reviews

I just wish I hadn't bought the OEM glasses first. "The glasses shipped with a very nice case and a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses. The case is zipper closed and has a quality feel. I have had cases that require a little effort to close, but that was not an issue here. Here is my true take: It seems as if many 3D glasses, and I don't mean just the inexpensive ones, have lenses that are perfectly flat and parallel to the screen. That makes them stick out from the temples and result in a direct reflection of my own eye. These fit naturally and I don't feel embarrassed to answer the door while leaving them on. If this set of 3D glasses were a pair of sunglasses I would wear them daily while out and about. They also don't seem to darken the picture as much as the "premium" glasses that are available to purchase from the manufacturer of my television. By their nature, at least 50% of the brightness of the television is blocked, allowing one to see the image in 3D. I just wish I hadn't bought the OEM glasses first. I want to enjoy the 3D experience, not fight with what's hanging on my face." - Steve

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